Colorful Bubbles

about us

 Enjoy acrylic, oil and watercolour painting, drawing, open air art, sculpture, print making, textile arts, computer arts. acrylic pouring, jewellery making, and create with glass, clay and words.

  • Studio Time in Artsphere Studios weekly or on Zoom.

  • Summer open air art activities

  • Show & Tell to network and show your art in progress .

  • Participate in community activities.

  • Demos and spotlights on new art topics. 

  • Exhibit and art in the virtual Artsphere Gallery 

  • Art Appreciation for local artists and shows

  • Sell art through online Artsphere Shop

  • Artsphere "What's New" blog

  • Gain confidence to try something new in a supportive environment with friends.

Artsphere is a group of artists who connect through art , develop ideas into projects, try something new, stretch themselves, make art at home and in the studio, connect with the community and have fun with friends.