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OPENING  - Feb 26    > March 26 2021

"Water Magic" by Patricia Anderson

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Inspired by an article about art boxes sprouting up on Toronto Island community, I recently received an art box as a gift. We installed it in the garden near the trail.

We have had very positive response from passers by who enjoy the little view of art while watching the birds and wildlife on the shore. 

Since we cannot show art so easily these days you may wish to inspire someone to make one for your neighbourhood. Check out designs of mini libraries on the web.  Scrap materials or recycled  drawers or picture frames work well. 

We can help with a design as we have learned from those prototype.

Send us a photo of your art galleria when you are finished.

Royston Seaside Trail Art Galleria SD 480p

Video link


print making in March

Check out our new art demo videos on scratch printing 

stringing art 

gelli printing.


There are all forms of mono printing. Hopefully you will be inspired to  try something new, find a stamp or a stencil or make some tools to make prints and play

for paints, inks or textures. We are looking for more art cards for the store if anyone is interested in make cards and turn into art on canvas, boards or fabric. Kate will demo block printing for printing spring blossom on fabrics.

IMG_2909 2.jpg

art cards

Drawing, sketching, printmaking, stenciling are all fun ways to experiment with different art techniques on watercolour paper and make into

"One- of- a -Kind" greeting cards.

Check out the upcoming video

Art Cards with Ann to give you the skinny on new materials and techniques to use.

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